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Now is the Best Time To Upgrade Your Website & See if Your Marketing
is on Target

A new year is here! And it’s a great time to evaluate your marketing plan or to create one if you haven’t already.  In fact, 74% of small business do not have a business plan and struggle, especially within the first crucial years, or go under versus those organizations which plan and execute a marketing campaign.

What to Include in Your Marketing Plan

You can create a marketing plan that could span a quarter, half year, full year or more. It’s just important to keep your focus strategic when it comes to your business and marketing of your brand.  Many marketing plans include information on:

  • Market research
  • Competitors
  • Prospects
  • Leads sources
  • Lead conversions
  • Return on Investments (ROI)
  • Advertising
  • Landing pages
  • Branding adjustments
  • and more

What Clients are Implementing Today.

More and more, clients are asking for outcomes instead of just “inputs.” A campaign has to show effectiveness, not just creativity. Analytics and stats are the first stops to assessing the productivity of a new campaign but understanding them takes the right marketer.

Customer Relationship Management software is gaining more acceptance in organizations to create experiences specific to their clients and to track leads. Also, video content is being better used and gaining prominence to grow brand recognition and to increase campaign leads.

Drive Home Results

Haven’t gotten the sales results you sought after last year? If you’re looking to reach the next level in your lead generation and/or develop a marketing plan for the new year, contact us for a free review of your current marketing efforts to see how we can ramp up and provide you real results.

Our marketing team will strategize with you on ways to reach your business goals this year. Additionally, you can use our marketing checklist to score yourself on your current marketing efforts.

Do you have question? Call us at 973-655-9396.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Intro

  • Website update
  • Email program
  • 2 hours web maintanance

Marketing Mentor

  • Strategy planning
  • Website update
  • Email program
  • 2 hours web maintenance
  • 2 hours content management program
  • 1 blog a month