70 Jackson Drive Digital Marketing

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70 Jackson Drive Digital Marketing

Challenge: James Hodkins and Suzanne Tharaldsen of Daunno Commercial needed to market their building at 70 Jackson Drive in a hot market. They wanted to ensure a quick sale by using marketing materials that fit the quality of the opportunity. They also wanted to explain all the latest building enhancements as well as the two-tiered building setup.

Solution: We came out and worked with photography to ensure the shots would work for the brochure. After moving through our creative strategy document we were able to determine the sections of the book that would make the most impact. For the Cranford local section we actually went downtown and took shots that made up the spread for that section. For the different two-tiered floors we created an illustrated view of the building that explained the two different parts of the building. The writing, photography and illustrations for the first draft was completed in under a month.

Result:  After the 70 Jackson Drive brochure was completed, we made pdf versions for easy distribution. We also created a landing page to gather leads. In under a month they received several leads and in 3 months a deal was closed at the price they wanted. James Hodkins and Suzanne Tharaldsen from Daunno told us they thought the quality of the brochure was the main reason the property sold so fast and at the price they wanted.

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TYPE: Web Landing Page Design, Brochure Creation, Email Marketing, Lead Management