Richards & Robbins Website

Richards & Robbins

A fresh new look for a professional real estate organization with a rich history.

Challenge: Client was looking for a new and fresh look for their web presence which had become outdated. They also wanted to rebrand their logo. They wanted the logo to reflect the arch their Father had on one of their first building redesigns.

Solution: We reviewed what they did, their competitors and who the site was mainly for. We had meetings with the staff to derive a feel and purpose for the site. We took photos of the arch and reviewed color theory to rework their logo. Font choices were chosen to relay a generational feel

Result: In the end we redesigned the site to look modern and fresh. The site included an interactive porfolio, animated values section on the home page, security and much more. Web development, design, color theory, font research, and programming combined to produce a professional, fresh looking website and a well readable, real estate oriented, personalized logo.

Project Details

TYPE: Web Presence, Security, Mobile, Branding, Logo