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Marketing That Makes Sense

Marketing planning is an integral component of most businesses both large and small. Without proper planning you could be like a rat in a rat race; running hard but going nowhere. We have seen this with many businesses we meet. They tend to focus on networking only or street sales but don’t put the effort into even the basic, consistent, marketing programs.

What we do, even on small projects, is create a strategy that we can prove some type of result. That may mean a list that is generated from the efforts or even page visits we can track. Our design has to meet the goals of the business and be trackable. That’s something we beleive and stand on.

Many times we can use a creative strategy document to work through a project but other times when we’re creating a program we need to create a full marketing plans that contain smart strategies, costs, returns on investments, tracking, etc.

Marketing Retreats

Sometimes we meet businesses that have tried lots of tactics but just can’t come together on a full plan. They can’t track their results and they think that their efforts may not take them where they want to go. Maybe these situations sound familiar:

  • Don’t know the statistics for your website.
  • No way to track results.
  • Need ways to better, consistently, connect with customers and leads.
  • In need of effective social media or email marketing. Tired of wasting efforts with “amateurs”.
  • Can’t get consensus on your marketing from your team(s).
  • Unsure of which marketing tactic could best help you first.

If you’re in any of these situations let’s see if we can find ways we can help with a quick 15-minute discussion. Possibly we can help by customizing a Marketing Retreat that can rejuvenate you and your employees marketing stamina. We know it can be daunting working with lots of parties to get to the best results for your company. Let us come and bring one of our creative programs to you that will get you all together, infuse some work plus lots of fun and food. The programs push you to think better together and leave you with a plan you can run with. That’s our goal.

Do you have question? Call us at 973-655-9396 for a free 30-minute consultation.