Build Tangible Metrics to Guide Your Success

At Creative Mind Consulting Group, we are all about results – and that means tracking, measuring and reporting back to you.

Through our reporting services, we provide tangible metrics so we can adjust and continue to adjust your web page and online lead generation efforts over time. Tracking and reporting helps keep our clients in step or exceeding their competitors when it comes to search results and lead generation.

We add more than an analytics program to your website.  We create a customized report that will translate data into valuable insights for your business.

We offer analytics reports and reporting services that include:

  • Customized report templates, based on your needs and specifications
  • Social media reporting
  • Analytics reporting
  • Personalized summary with action steps
  • Monthly or weekly reports
  • Maintenance and customization reports with fast turnaround.

May 2023 Offer:

Let us do a new marketing assessment for you and save $100 off the price of the work. A marketing assessment will assess where your numbers are going in analytics and social media. We will share that with you in a written report. Lastly we will provide suggestions for improvement as part of the personalized writeup.

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